Jesse Murch

Photographer: Jesse Murch (@jessemurch)

Models: Kayla Savage (@kaylamsavage) Kirstin Gumucio (@mountainsandsun)

Jesse is from a small mountain town in the northern most part of New Jersey, he has been a fine art photographer for the last five years in which time he became an ambassador for Rokinon lenses, shown work at numerous galleries, and traveled around North America on photo tours multiple times. His main tools for all the photos are a Sony A72 Digital camera and a number of medium format film cameras. He first picked up a canon AE-1 in high school and learned the basics and how to develop in the schools darkroom before attending college for fine art.  The creating of art is such a vulnerable thing you are never more open and raw so connecting with someone before taking a single photo is crucial and a keystone in his work. Jesse's work has been influenced by a number of people and mediums including the works of Wes Anderson, Gregory Crewdson, Francesca Woodman, Degas, and more.